Readings are done by Zoom & Email and will be booked in EST.

You will receive a recording of your Reading.


You can book a Reading Online yourself or you can have my Office Book something for you.

We do our best to accommodate special date requests when they are booked well in advance. If a date does not show up as available on the Online Scheduler please reach out to my Office and they will look into it for you.

We also have created a waiting list for those who are willing to take a last minute Opening for a Reading. To be put on this Waiting list please email my Office.

My Office Email is-

I get asked this question all of the time….

Are the Readings by Zoom Online just as good as in person?

My Answer:


In fact I feel that my Readings are much stronger by  Zoom Online for a a very good reason…

My Clients are much more relaxed in their own space. Coming to see a Medium/Psychic can be very exciting but it can also make people feel a little scared, unsure and yes even nervous. So not having to leave the safety of their own space ensures that when we connect, their energy is much calmer. This means that Spirit and I don’t have to work as hard to get the Connection made because we are all  more “Open” energetically when we are feeling safe and calm.


This is your opportunity to Connect with Spirit! 

It is incredibly important to me that your Reading time is EVERYTHING that you need it to be and I always trust that Spirit brings you to me ALWAYS at the exact perfect time.

I work with a very powerful Team of Divine Guides and they simply use me as their Channel to communicate through.

This means that everything I receive for you in a Reading will always be for your Highest Good.


This means that we can have the focus of the Reading to be Connecting you directly with your Loved Ones In Spirit, this is much like putting in a telephone call to the other side where I am the Channel between you and your Loved Ones. The Connection that is established between myself , You and Your Loved Ones is incredibly Powerful and many of my clients find it wonderful way to to receive validation that their Loved Ones are more than okay and are still very much a part of their lives.


And the other focus of your Reading can be a Psychic Reading where I connect directly with your Guides and Angels and they give us great insight and direction about you in a past, present and future picture. This is an awesome way to have Spirit answer any of your questions regarding ALL areas of your life including Health & Wellness, Money & Career and Love & Relationships. This is also an awesome opportunity to receive Spiritual Guidance directly from your Team of Guides and Angels.

Letting Spirit Choose! 

Many of my clients prefer to let Spirit Guide our Reading time together so that we create a blend of both worlds. We connect with Spirit on ALL levels, through Mediumship & Psychically!




Here’s what you need to do for the 3 Question Reading by Email:

1-  Book yourself Online HERE. Alternatively you can send the $55 payment via E Transfer to

2- Send an email to with your 3 questions and a photo of yourself.


Once payment is received your Reading will be booked and you will receive an email confirmation of the booking.
You do not need to be available for your booking time.
Once your Reading is completed you will receive an email with the recording of your answers.

***Please know that the 3 Question Email Reading is not meant to replace a Full Reading. It is best used to ask 3 Specific Questions in regards to any area of your life. It is not recommended for a Mediumship Reading as it requires more time & your active participation to give validation when connecting with your Loved Ones in Spirit.


Group Readings

Group Readings are for a maximum of 8 people for 90 minutes. Readings are done by Zoom Online.

Please note that not all participants in a group reading will receive a reading but I will give as many readings as possible and Spirit has an amazing way of delivering messages to many at once!



Payment & Booking information


Full payment for all readings is payable at time of booking. No appointment times are held without payment and bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.

Payments can be made by E Transfer to or by credit card when booked online or directly with my Office.

For Fundraisers and Gift Certificates



Refund/Cancellation Policy


All rescheduling must happen within 72 hours prior to your Scheduled Booking time or your Appointment may be cancelled.


Please keep in mind that if you need to reschedule that you could be waiting in excess of a month for a new date.


No Refunds will be issued unless I have cancelled your Reading and I am not able to reschedule it.


“No shows”- If you miss your scheduled time there will be no refund issued.