The Sacred Space Hub

A Community that helps you become better aligned with your Higher Self!

You will Love the Sacred Space Hub as your go to place for Support on Your Souls Journey!

I’m inviting you to Explore the Sacred Space Hub for the next 7 days as my Guest.

No obligation. You can choose to Stay & Subscribe or leave & Cancel at any time.

This may just be the easiest thing that you can do for yourself. And your TOTALLY worth it!



Are you feeling the call to join other like-minded Souls who are also on their Awakening Journey?

I’ve been called by My Divine Guidance Team ( The Collective Energies that I Channel) to create a Sacred & Safe space online where you can share Experiences, Explore Ideas, Receive Healing, Guidance, Support & so much more!

I will be Personally Connecting with you throughout the month to share all of the Insights and directions that I am given in regards to what’s currently happening and how we can best navigate through it all.

All members of our Community will be able to have Member Only Access to all of our Live Events, Meditations, Healing Blasts & the Weekly Energetic Check-in.

Each month you can simply open your Hub account and access Everything in one simple location.

Each month I will be bringing you Wellness content, Metaphysical Content, and ways to support yourself as an Empath, Sensitive, Lightworker & Soul.

Part of my Soul’s Journey is to help you remember that Healing happens in ‘Layers’ because we are Fractal Beings.


What’s does this look like in the Hub?


Weekly Energetic  Check In 

This will be where you check in every week to receive support for all of your ‘Layers’.

Consider it your ‘Accountability’ to your Soul.

Your Weekly Check In will give you the reminders of how supported you truly are & will help to keep you in Alignment with whatever it is that you need the most in this moment.

It will be your Beacon of Light for Guidance & Inspiration!


Satsang~ A Gathering Of Consciousness

This is where we will be working on the ‘Layer’ of Emotional Healing.

In this Safe Sacred Space we can openly and freely give ourselves permission to loosen up the density of all emotional Trauma & Drama that is not who we are.

Through this Release of density we can create energetic space for Healing.


Healing Blast

We will be showing you how to Open and Receive the most powerful High Vibrational Frequency to bring into all areas of your Life.

This Healing Blast can be used for Physical , Emotional & Financial Support.


Channeled Readings

This Special Connection happens directly with my Divine Guidance Team ( The Energies that I Channel).

Through this Connection to a Higher Source we will Receive Guidance, Validation and will Strengthen the ‘Layer’ of knowing that we are ‘Fractal Beings’.

This is more powerful than you can even imagine!



I’m so excited to be Connecting with you!
With Huge Gratitude,


 Jodi Jones






“We are Souls having a Human Experience”


What is the Cancelation Policy?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your account and Pausing or Canceling your Subscription.

What if I can't attend the Live Events?

All Live Events will be recorded and uploaded into the Hub within 24 hours. There you will have full access to watch the Event at your convenience.

What if I want to come to the Live Readings & Healings but I don't want to be on camera?

We completely understand that your privacy is very important and should be honored and it’s encouraged to show up however you are most comfortable. No camera. No problem!