Psychic ~Medium ~Spiritual Guide ~Author

“We are Souls having a Human Experience”

There is so much more going on than what we can only see through the Human Lenses. I have been gifted with the ability to ‘See’ into all realms and through this Seeing I am able to Receive Information, Guidance & Insights that most Beings can’t about your Souls Journey.

As a Channel I work with a Collection of Energies that I call ‘My Divine Guidance Team’.

This Guidance comes from the Highest of Frequencies and always comes through with Purpose.

They have always worked with me yet there have been many moments in this particular lifetime that I was not Consciously working with them.

I believe that it was in these moments that I was doing some much needed self discovery!

It’s only through our own self discovery that we can become the greatest teachers. 

My Souls Journey

My calling as a Lightworker began very early in this particular Lifetime. Although I do now recognize that Everything that I know has been carried through from many other Lifetimes and numerous experiences as a Magical Soul.

As a small child I was always drawn to the people ( or they were brought to me) who needed to be helped the most.

The broken ones. The lost Souls.

My Soul chose this particular Journey to really get through many of Life Lessons at an accelerated speed!

I was immersed into the world of Energy Medicine through the doors of my own personal need for Healing on all levels.

My first step was discovering the magical power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ancient wisdom that it holds.

I studied for years and after investing a huge amount of time, money and effort I became a Licensed Acupuncturist and had a very successful clinical practice for more than 12 years.

Early on in my practice I began having very interesting experiences that were hard for me to explain in any rational way.

I would receive information/ insights about my patients that were always very accurate and insightful. Often information that I couldn’t possibly have known by myself.

And I was having clients who would receive Acupuncture & Acupressure for various ailments and often there would be “Miraculous” results.

It was also during this time that I started to experience “Strange” physical symptoms that no one could explain. I spent many years in the world of Western Medicine trying to find a “Cure” for my unexplained symptoms only to come up with the answer of “Nothing is wrong with you”.

Learning Life Lessons through Experiences

My Journey then took me further into the “Spiritual” and Holistic world of Healing  where I sought out someone to help me find the answers.

And a funny thing happened along the way…

I was reminded time and time again how ultimately Healing is an inside job.

I remembered that I have the power to Heal Myself.

This remembering opened up a brand new way of seeing myself in these experiences and awoken within me the knowing that I was in fact not ‘suffering’ but was here to ‘Ascend”.

Before me opened up a better way of navigating through my Ascension!

I knew that I had come here to this particular planet to fulfill my Missions and that through all the experiences that I had been given over the Lifetimes I would be serving my Purpose by Being Of Service To Others.

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