I’m Jodi



I’m Here to Help You Remember Who You Are

At some point on our Souls Journey we feel the gentle nudge to discover, to remember that we are not these Human Vehicles that we have chosen to drive. We have the knowing that there is so much more to why and how we are having experiences.

In each and every Experience we have there is opportunity to explore our Life Lessons.

Discovery comes so much easier when we are able to Open up and Receive Insights & Guidance from the Highest Sources.

I will be your Guide to help you Connect with your Highest Sources for Healing, Insights & Support.

Reconnective Healing

Past Life Regression

Soul Guidance Mentoring

Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Body - Mind - Soul Healing Session



What I Offer

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A Wonderful Community of Like Vibrational Souls

Are you feeling the call to join other like-minded Souls who are also on their Awakening Journey?

I’ve been called by My Divine Guidance Team ( The Collective Energies that I Channel) to create a Sacred & Safe space online where you can share Experiences, Explore Ideas, Receive Healing, Guidance, Support & so much more!

Instantly Raise your Vibration!

I am inviting you to join me for what just may be the most important thing that you do for yourself ever.

Join me in tapping into and getting into alignment with the highest vibrational version of you that you have ever known!

We are going to hard wire a brand new story line into your experience!

Manifesting Dreams into Reality

Each day we are going to dive deep into the Frequency of Abundance and take you step by step through the process of becoming aligned with all that you dream & desire!

Every single day (don’t worry if you miss a day you can always catch up as all the Days will be available in your account) you will be experiencing different ways to make changes in the way you think, see & feel about success in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

Community Membership

How It Works

Soul Energy Monthly Forecast

Once a month, a 90 minute Soul Energy Monthly Forecast -Live Online video broadcast via Zoom. If you miss a Soul Energy Monthly Forecast, don’t worry!

The full replay is uploaded into The Portal within 24 hours so you can watch it at your convenience, as often as you like.

This monthly Connection provides Invaluable Wisdom and Guidance to navigate our lives as well as an opportunity to ask questions & share energetic space with people from all over the planet. I will share the Energetic Forecast for the month and Channel my Divine Guidance Team to receive Messages of how we can best navigate through the energies and you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions during our Q&A time. Some of the topics we will explore include- Relationships, Abundance, Astrology, Health & Wellness, Intuition, Personal Empowerment, Empath Support & so much more.

Live Mediumship & Psychic Readings

Each month we will get together for 90 minutes of Spirit Connection where I will be Connecting you with your Loved Ones In Spirit and Channeling Divine Guidance for support on a Psychic Level.

And I may just be inviting some of my favorite Mediums/Psychics/ Channelers to come and Read for you!

This is your opportunity to receive Messages of Validation & Inspiration. And if you’re not wanting to ask your questions in person you can send me your question and I will do your Reading Live in the group keeping you completely confidential.

Energy Healing Circle

Each month a 30 minute Monthly Energy Healing Circle where we will hold space for Healing. These will be held Live on Zoom. The days and times of each Live Healing Circle will change monthly to accommodate everyone from all over the world. All members will be sent an email with each month’s time & date.
The Healing Frequency that I channel can be used to Heal any area of your life whether it’s physical Healing, Emotional or Spiritual. Each month you will create an Intention for what needs to be Healed and we will anchor this into the Universe.

Weekly Energetic Check in

Log into the Portal and find out exactly what the energy of the week will be like. I will let you know what the Schuman Scale is and if we have any incoming geo storms or solar flares or special Astrological events happening. All of this has a direct effect on how we are feeling & functioning in our human vehicles. I will also include a SPECIAL
CHANNELED MESSAGE on how we can best support ourselves and navigate the incoming energies.

Guided Healing Meditation

A Monthly Guided Healing Meditation that you can listen to anytime. You have full unlimited access to all of the Mediations in the Portal and can go back to listen to your favorites as much as you’d like.

A Special Facebook Group

just for the members of our Community. A safe & Sacred space where you can join other Souls who are exploring their Awakening Journey. This private group will be a place to interact with our Community members, ask questions, post support & share experiences. I will also be an active participant in the group.

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