Mentoring One on One

45 MINUTES-$111


When I find myself stuck or lacking Clarity on ALL the ‘Stuff’ that I’m working through I have found myself often saying “I need another set of eyes on this”.

And sometimes that’s just EXACTLY what we need.

So sometimes it’s simply validation that I’m looking but other times it’s more of a feeling of wanting someone that I trust, who can be there for me and talk through things in a constructive and Inspiring way.

Kind of like having a conversation with your best friend except there’s no personal skin in the game so the Inspiration and Guidance that comes through is not biased in anyway.

Also it needs to be someone who I feel completely safe with and that has had enough of their own success through the same kind of experiences that I am struggling with at the moment.

I have always used the analogy of “I don’t want to learn about losing weight from someone who has always been a skinny person!”.

Make sense?

It’s important that whomever we seek for Guidance and support is someone who REALLY KNOWS what it is like to be stuck in whatever place we are finding a need to shift out of.

When we are not moving the needle in the right direction on ANYTHING whether it’s Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually or Financially it REALLY helps to have another set of Eyes on it.

These One on One Mentoring Sessions will be me Holding Space for you to ‘Unpack’ anything that is weighing you down.

You will have my Complete and Total Heart Centered attention on whatever it is that you need support with.

I will establish our Connection through Divine Guidance so that I can really feel your needs and I will have the ability to provide you with ALL that you need in that moment even if you Don’t know how or what to ask about.

Isn’t that sometimes the hardest part?

Not knowing Exactly what the issue is, yet knowing that there MOST DEFINTELY is one!

No shame

No guilt

No judgement

Our time together will provide you with the opportunity for you to JUST BE.

Are you ready to let the Conversations begin?

Holding Heart Centered Space for you,





Mentoring Packages

Getting Guidance and Inspiration is not always a one shot kind of thing.

Trust me I know this!

I have put together Mentoring Packages so that you can easily get as much as you need.

5 Mentoring Sessions- $500



Payment & Booking information

Full payment for all readings is payable at time of booking.

No appointment times are held without payment and bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.

Payments can be made by E Transfer to or by Debit or Credit card when booked online or directly with my Office.


Refund/Cancellation Policy


All rescheduling must happen within 72 hours prior to your Scheduled Booking time or your Appointment may be cancelled.


Please keep in mind that if you need to reschedule that you could be waiting in excess of a month for a new date.


No Refunds will be issued unless I have cancelled your Reading and I am not able to reschedule it.


“No shows”- If you miss your scheduled time there will be no refund issued.