Body~Mind~Soul Healing Session

Body-Mind-Soul Healing Session

The BMS Healing session is the combination of my most powerful Healing tools all combined into one incredible Healing Experience!

Tapping into my Medical Intuition you can trust that this will be one of the best opportunities for you to begin your journey into wellness.
You will be brought into Complete Relaxation as I take you through a Channeled Healing Guided Meditation to bring you into the deepest relaxed state possible.
This Guided Meditation will also provide a scan of your entire physical body where Spirit will give us great insights into any physical , mental or emotional blockages that may be there.
They will then give us suggestions that will be most helpful to bring you back into a state of balance.
You will then experience the Healing frequencies of Reconnective Healing®
as this most powerful Healing Frequency is given to you.
The Frequency will be working on anything that needs attention. This Connection will give us great insight into all areas of your well being including your Chakra Health.
My clients feel incredibly relaxed and more balanced after their sessions.
The Healing frequency continues to work with you for a few days to a week after your session ends.
Healing Sessions can be done by phone or Zoom Online.

Refund/Cancellation Policy


All rescheduling must happen within 72 hours prior to your Scheduled Booking time or your Appointment may be cancelled.


Please keep in mind that if you need to reschedule that you could be waiting in excess of a month for a new date.


No Refunds will be issued unless I have cancelled your Reading and I am not able to reschedule it. 


“No shows”- If you miss your scheduled time there will be no refund issued.