My Offerings

Personal Reading


This is an incredible opportunity to connect with Spiritual Guidance.

Gain direct access to your Team of Guides and Angels, allowing them to assist you on your spiritual journey.

3 Question Email Reading

This is the perfect way to get quick Guidance from your Spirit Guides!

The more specific your questions are the more precise your answers will be.

Medical Mediumship with

AO Scan & Healing

I will use my Mediumship skills to have Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters do an energetic Scan of your entire body and tell us what’s going on with you Physically.

We then will use the very Accurate & Intuitive AO Scan which uses Bio Resonance to validate what we have been shown

Whole Body Systems Scan

& Optimization

You can use this service to continue your Healing after a Medical Mediumship & AO Scan appointment OR you can use this as your Initial Scan.

These Scans & Optimizations are done Remotely and you do not need to be available for the booked time.

Home Clearing/Frequencies sent to your home

Our homes are very much like Energetic sponges that hold on to all frequencies until cleared.

Every single conversation, argument , emotional release or stressful event from the people in the home generates a collection of frequencies that you probably don’t want to keep around.

I am able to energetically connect with your home using the AO Scan technology and can then Clear unwanted frequencies from your entire Home.

Pet Systems Scan & Optimization

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is causing your pets to feel unwell physically and emotionally?

The AO Scan is a great way to discover what the root cause may be for your pets not feeling well.

We can help discover allergy issues, toxins, pathogens, and emotional imbalances that your pet may be experiencing.

With this information you will be able to better support your pets wellbeing physically, & emotionally.

Personalized Healing Protocol

This appointment can be done after completion of a Medical Mediumship with AO Scan & Healing or after completion of at least 3 Whole Body Systems Scan & Optimizations.

Once we have a clear picture of what you need to begin your Healing we can create a very specific & Personalized Protocol for you.


This SPECIAL SAVINGS 6 Pack Scans can be used for ;

Whole Body Systems Scan & Optimization

Home Clearing/Frequencies sent to your home

Pet Systems Scan & Optimization

Once Purchased you will be contacted by Email to Schedule your Scans.