Have you ever thought about the many different incarnations that you’ve had?

Do you know why some people seem very familiar to you, even though you’ve just met?

Have you ever wondered where some of your fears or phobias come from?

Why do you feel called to study certain subjects or follow specific career paths?

90 Minutes-$275


Past Life Regression

I’m sure that you have wondered about all of this!

So many Lives!

So many experiences!

These questions and many more can be explored and answered through Past Life Regression.

For years I have been working one on one with clients through Past Life Regression Therapy and witnessing first hand how insights from past lives can provide Healing and a deeper understanding of who you are.

Of why & how you do things.

And of course where a Deeper Healing may be needed.

Come on a wonderful journey down the river of time to uncover secrets that your subconscious mind wants you to know to increase your happiness.

We will begin  with A Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation, this will allow you to get yourself into a peaceful state where you can begin to consciously explore your subconscious  mind and all that is stored there.

The second part of this Journey through time will bring us to a very special connection with your Inner Child.

You will experience your life three months before your conception, your experience inside the womb and the wondrous moment of your birth.

I have witnessed first hand some very profound Healings happen here!

And then we will begin the Safe & Sacred Exploration into 2 of your Past lives.
All of this from the comfort of your own home!

This powerful trip into the past will allow you to listen to your inner mind as it leads you to self awareness and understanding.

Letting go of limiting decisions from the past and recognizing your inner beauty you will return from exploring two past lives with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to be the best you can be, ready to live life to the fullest.

You’ll feel great as you leap into the future!

1.5 Hours-$275

Refund/Cancellation Policy


All rescheduling must happen within 72 hours prior to your Scheduled Booking time or your Appointment may be cancelled.


Please keep in mind that if you need to reschedule that you could be waiting in excess of a month for a new date.


No Refunds will be issued unless I have cancelled your Reading and I am not able to reschedule it. 


“No shows”- If you miss your scheduled time there will be no refund issued.