What People Are Saying

I  wanna say thank you for your services you provide for everyone. Especially this 21 raise your vibration, everyday is something new and I look forward to it daily. I honestly thought I wouldn’t do it, but first day.. I was on it :). This year is already looking better,  learning more about myself and how to meditate, clear, balance, and more aware of myself and surroundings.

Just wanna say thank you for everything you done for me 🥰

“I have suffered from depression since the passing of my son. There were so many unanswered questions that were literally driving me crazy. The Reading that you did has made such an impact on my life. My son is at peace and now I finally know this. You were able to really make me feel like he was talking to me and for this I am forever grateful.


Thank you for all that you do. You are a blessing.”

“This was an awesome program! It was exactly what I needed and I have felt a huge shift. I am actually surprised how much it has helped me already💜 I appreciated that you kept reminding us that it was supposed to be fun☺ I did find that I didn’t have enough time to devote to each day as I would have liked and am definitely going to be revisiting them again and again and again.
10/10 would recommend!
Thank you”

This experience has increased my awareness of the spirit energy around me (hear a high frequency buzzing) and given me the courage to explore and embrace my spirituality. So excited for what comes next in my journey.


Thank you, thank you, thank you 💗

“Jodi did a reading for me in June. I had questions regarding my career and a change of scenery. Jodi spoke about changes she saw for my future even to the point where she described the house that I would buy. Well she nailed it. I moved a week ago into my forever dream home and it is exactly as she described and a month ago I started a new job. I highly recommend her. She is amazing!”

“Thank you so much I just had an hour reading and she is so good!! I feel more at peace now … I recommend all of you to have a reading !!!!

You are an angel” 😇 ❤️

Miigwech!  I love forgiveness. Forgiveness has set me free. Forgiveness has been my healer. I want to add a daily forgiveness to my day. I have experienced the gifts of forgiveness. The more I have been learning about energy over the past few years this too has amplified my experience with forgiveness; having the understanding from that energetic truth of who we are. Miigwech Miigwech Miigwech for this 21 Day Raise Your Vibration Opportunity.”


Thank you, thank you, thank you 💗

“I just finished the 21 Day Abundance Opportunity and I have to be honest…I didn’t think that taking an online course would do very much for me….lol. I have been really struggling with my job and money and I was beginning to lose hope. I started to notice things change after just the first couple of days. I thought that it was just my imagination but I could feel my stress go away. I think it’s because Jodi made it so simple for me to understand. Thank you so much my dear. You are  life saver! ”

“This was the third Healing session that I just had with Jodi and it was kind of indescribable. I have never ever felt so much energy go through my body before. I have been suffering with migraines and IBS for most of my life and hadn’t seen any changes in my health until I had my first Healing with Jodi. Each time it’s different but I am now seeing a difference in the way that I am feeling. She has given me so many insights into why and what the root of my suffering has been. I am forever thankful.”  ❤️

I joined the Sacred Space Hub because I was looking for other people who understood how I was feeling without any judgement. I have been an Empath all my life and it wasn’t until I saw Jodi online that I finally knew what was happening to me. The Channeling that Jodi does for us in the Hub has helped me so much. I look forward to each month being something new and empowering”

Thank you,  💗

“It is so cool how the Sacred Space Hub has become my family. I mean a really good family that totally gets the weirdness in me! Every week when Jodi does the check in I always feel like she’s talking right to me. We all have so much of the same stuff happening but were just to embarrassed to talk to other people about it. In the hub we are all there for support & guidance so there is no competition or judgement. I have grown so much in such a short while. Thank you Jodi!”

“I enjoy being a Hub member. I have connected with so many beautiful souls in it, . I really look forward to doing the new meditation every month and the information in the weekly energetic check in’s have been a huge support for me. The Live’s that Jodi and her Team do every month always offer something new. I have learned so much from getting together with other people who are also on their healing journey. I am so glad that Jodi adapts it to include everyone’s needs. A great investment in myself!