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I have created two magical Groups on Facebook where you can interact with others who may be on a similar Journey as you.

I interact with my members as much as possible and this is a great way for you to post any questions about your Spiritual Journey or offer Guidance to others.

Join Like Minded Souls


To all my fellow Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Intuitives WELCOME!

I have created this group to be a safe and sacred space where we can share our experiences and through opening up the dialogue of what some of our struggles are we can help each other to shine even brighter!

I have been an Empath my entire life and I know first hand that its not always the easiest path to be on.

Most times it feels like one of the hardest ones!

I have also reached a point on my Souls Journey that I am now able to see the light in my experiences.

I’m now able to know that there is a much bigger picture to all of this!

And through the vibration of Love ( and lots of other supports that I will share on here) I am learning to embrace my Empathic Soul as a gift and not a curse.

I offer this forum to you as a safe and sacred space for you to make your Journey that much easier.

I ask that everyone park their ego at the door and know that you can openly share without anyone judging.
I know so many fellow Lightworkers who struggle and suffer in silence because of the fear of being seen weak or hearing the “Aren’t you a Healer? Can’t you Heal yourself?”

I want you to know that this is a space where you will be able to tap into the collective healing light that we will all be creating together!

Please feel free to share your story with the group.

Please feel free to offer solutions that have helped you.

Please feel free to post about any astrological occurrences that are effecting us all.

Please feel free to share any FREE Meditations.
Please do not offer any services or professional help for a cost.
Please do not use this forum to advertise your business.
Thank you so much being being a part of this group!

Medium Jodi Jones

Join Like Minded Souls


I Am here to remind you that you are the Creator of your Lives!

This years focus for our group will be AWARENESS.

It’s time to really be active participants in what we want out of this lifetime!

Our group will be a place to find Inspiration and insight!

We can all safely share our experiences on here with each other with no judgment or negativity.

I Am calling upon my Team of Guides and Angels to Protect each and every participant in this group who is willing and ready to make some serious shifts in their lives.

I AM ready to start Consciously Creating My Experience!

Are you ready?!

Let the transformations begin!💖

With Huge Gratitude
Medium Jodi Jones

There is strength and power in numbers so let’s ALL do this together and create the most powerful Manifesting Vibration for us all!

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