Spirit Guide Introduction & Guidance

Do you know who your Spirit Guides are?

Spirit Guide Introduction and Guidance combines two of my gifts to help you connect with your Spirit Guides!

Using my Mediumship skills to call forth one of your Spirit Guides and my Psychic abilities to interpret your Guides message through either Oracle cards or Runes. I am able to use my Clairs to “See” what your Spirit Guide looks like ,”Feel” the emotion that your Spirit Guide is working on with you and “Hear” what your Spirit Guides tells me that they are here to help you with.

We can all connect with our Spirit Guides through Meditation but sometimes this can be a challenge especially if our Meditation skills are not very strong. I believe that through the introduction that I am able to give,you will now have a strong link to your Guide and will be able to build the relationship and utilize your Guides help to give you clarity and support.

Medium Jodi Jones

Appointments can be done in person or over the phone.

To book a session please call 519-925-1999 or send me a message -info@jodi-jones.com